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In the southeast, bugs are a part of life

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Remove dangerous household pests from your home

Pest entry points and harborage areas inside and outside your home

Other than crawling through cracks and crevices or being carried inside with packages, common entry points for most bugs include windows, doors, soffits/eaves, garages, and porches.

Lakewood Ranch Pest Control Once-A-Year PLUS Service is divided into two areas with a total of six treatment steps.

With the Once-A-Year PLUS program we will return for a quality control visit six months after the initial or annual visit.

Benefits of the Once-A-Year PLUS Program

  • Convenience and peace of mind: convenient inside treatments are needed only once a year due to technically advanced, environmentally-friendly products and procedures.
  • Non-intrusive: no odor, or very low odor, no unsightly indoor surface spraying.
  • We do not spray baseboards.
  • Our guarantee: while rare, if you do see a problem during the year LWR Pest Control will come out at no charge to treat the challenge area.
  • The most professional technicians with the best equipment in the industry.

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